My Story


         I started this venture because of my love for art. Ever since I was a kid, my family instilled this support and motivation to pursue art no matter what the world around me was telling me. My grandmother was my biggest influence. She kept me going and taught me how to draw and paint. The name of my studio is named "Lighthouse Studio" in her memory because of her love of Lighthouses.

     When the time for college came around, I succumbed to the voice of reason that kept telling me to avoid art as much as possible, and that I would never find a job in the field. So I pursued my second passion, working with animals. I went to Truman State University my freshman year as a Biology major with an Equine Science minor in the hopes of one day becoming a Vet. While I still love animals and plan to keep working with them in my life, I could not live with myself not pursuing art. I switched majors and am all the better for it. I am now a college grad with a Bachelors of Arts degree from Truman State University in Art and Photography.

     I started the studio as a website to showcase my artwork, but it quickly built from there as I received message after message requesting custom commissions. I love to take people's ideas and make them a reality. Along with having pre-made work for sale, I am always on stand by to work with customers to create their very own custom artwork designed by yours truly!

     I have also been doing photography for going on seven years, and love the feeling of being behind the camera. the whole world seems so much clearer looking through the lens. I have worked with a photography company, Harris Photography, for almost six years and they have taught me so much and now Im putting that knowledge to the test. I have a wide range of photography experience, from senior photographs all the way to full scale weddings and more!

     Check out the rest of the site and see what I have to offer. If you see something you like, drop me an email on the contact page and we can start your own commission or book your personal photoshoot today!